This is the Portal of the InteGRail research project which allows to read about the achieved results and access all the applications developed in the project.

A complete introduction on the project can be found in the InteGRail Web site.
InteGRail is an Integrated Project, that is a research
project addressing a wide number of coordinated
objectives in a specific domain. The project is partially funded by the European Commission.

InteGRail deals with railway information systems and
their integration for improved overall efficiency and
performance of the future European railway system.
InteGRail results are presented according to three Demonstration Scenarios:
Demonstration Scenario 1


DS1 - Set up and run a new international freight service  DS1 Fact Sheet










Demonstration Scenario 2


DS2 - Improve cooperation between rolling stock and
DS2 Fact Sheet
Demonstration Scenario 3

DS3a - Operation management and fault handling for
           passenger trains
DS3a Fact Sheet
DS3b - Monitoring and supervision of a fleet of passenger trains  DS3b Fact Sheet
  Technology Platform  

Common Architecture andTechnologies

  Technology Platform Fact Sheet  
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